The next HTC One is just around the corner. This is the perfect time to reflect on how well the original withstood the test of time. For the past nine months, this phone has held up beautifully. Its design is still timeless, performance top notch. Most importantly my love for this phone is centered around its outstanding camera, which has never failed to deliver. You don't always have your DSLR handy, but your phone is always in your pocket. The HTC One was always there, ready to take that perfect picture.


Crafted from a solid chunk of aluminum, you can feel the excellence of quality right in your hands. The glass and aluminum mesh perfectly, creating a simply elegant design. Its subtle curves and minimal appearance allow it to blend in seamlessly with the hustle and bustle of your daily life. Just how every product ought to be.


The chamfered edges beautifully highlight every angle of the phone's design. They give the phone a sharp, sophisticated appearance. The way the light plays with the curved sections is simply stunning. Unfortunately one of my largest complaints is how vulnerable it is to damage. Within the first week of use, the edges picked up dings and scratches that detracted from its appearance significantly. Over time the accumulation of imperfections dulls the once beautiful gleam that was the icing to the design.


The aluminum back has a delightfully subtle curvature. It seems to be crafted from anodized aluminum which allows light to playfully reflect off, ever so softly. In addition this subtle curve provides a perfect fit for the hand or pocket. I believe HTC could have ditched the plastic white strips running along the backside though. They're somewhat fun, but also tacky, and detract from the nearly perfect, minimalist design.  It's also worth noting Beats Audio which tacked their text onto the back (unnecessary). For a phone, these dual speakers are incredible. This is what mobile speakers ought to sound like.

Again, these chamfered edges are absolutely beautiful, as long as you protect them from scratches (which is essentially impossible). Aside from that, material choice was perfect as the aluminum doesn't pick up scratches, damage or fingerprints, unlike the iPhone or Galaxy S3/4. Nine months later, it's as fresh as ever.


Overall the phone's build, construction and design are absolutely stunning. It's the best of form and function, a solid build you can trust that gleams with elegance.


The one thing I hate most about Android is it's painfully ugly user interface. HTC sense was a great idea but was overly busy, losing it's visual appeal. I went ahead and installed my own set of icon packs (which should never be expected of the user). This one is called Flatee, which is absolutely beautiful. Its custom made minimal icons, clean text, and seamless interface are finally in harmony with the physical design of the phone. In my opinion, the HTC One is really only  complete when you scrap their original UI. It's really too bad.


Now to highlight the key feature of this phone. The camera performance and picture quality is mind blowing. I've provided some examples of shots I've taken over time. To note, its ability to take macro shots is off the charts. With a bit of fiddling, you can find a wide array of control through the menu. Again, without a dSLR on hand, the One's camera never fails to deliver. I applaud you HTC.

2013-08-09 15.49.44.jpg
2013-08-18 17.44.13.jpg
2013-10-01 16.33.52.jpg
2013-06-18 21.49.30-1.jpg
2013-08-02 14.16.51.jpg
2013-08-09 17.58.04.jpg
2013-08-10 19.31.22.jpg
2013-07-28 12.42.05.jpg
2013-09-21 18.00.10.jpg
2013-12-26 15.03.39.jpg
2013-12-28 22.36.13.jpg

All in all, I couldn't be happier with the HTC One. Its held up well just as any phone should. It looks, feels, sounds and performs with utmost excellence. I truly applaud HTC for their attempt at a comeback with this phone and hope the next generation HTC One can surpass the greatness of the original.