September 2013. My second attendance to the incredible gathering of creative minds. Makerfaire. For those of you who haven't been, Makerfaire is an event you must attend. It's a weekend where makers, hobbyists, tinkerers and most importantly, us quirky, curious folk unite. Last year I attended on behalf of UMBC's research lab where we presented 3D printing and assistive technology. This year marks my next chapter, with M3D. 


This year, 3D printing seemed to be the highlight of the event. Shapeways' incredible 3D printing service will be highlighted throughout this post. Let's start off with my most prized print of all time. Here's a trinket - their logo printed on interlinked cubes. Best example of 3D printing to have sitting on your desk. 


This next company has taken up 3D printing electronic accessories. These are products that are ready to use, fresh off the printer! Of course, the quality is much higher, created on an SLS printer. When the day comes that you can get that tech in your home. 

2013-09-21 14.06.00-1.jpg

I conclude with an image of myself captured from a formlabs video. Just me in my natural habitat. M3D made its first public appearance here this year (quietly but surely).